An intervention

My initial research, interviews and workshops led me to understand the key areas that help a shift to an empathic culture and self-organising model. They are: Company culture, leadership teams, managers, human resources, CEO/owners and all employees.

I saw a strong correlation between CEO/owners, human resources and self-leading teams that need to work together to support a self-organising organisation.

I also saw that underpinning our desire to change organisations to a self-leading and empathic cultures, are bigger problems in education and family. I wanted to include something extra in my solution that could support these areas too.
Empathy Cards

I have decided to produce a set of method/exercise cards that support empathic cultures and self-leading models in organisations. Partly inspired by IDEO's method cards and the Hyper Island Toolbox, my idea focusses on 'empathy' and targets the above mentioned key areas with learnings from my research and studies at Hyper Island. I believe this ideas could be developed with more time into experimental workshops for recruitment companies and organisations.

30 short exercises designed to help you think about empathy and self-leadership. Also with added tips for what you could try at home and school.

For the prototype of the cards I have made printed cards and a digital app version using Marvel and Sketch prototyping software. To validate the idea I sent the digital versions to each of the people I interviewed and participated in the workshops. I sent an email asking for feedback with a set of questions to guide their feedback.

Please click on the link below to view the prototype in Marvel on mobile, or view below in the browser. (on mobile click the link and follow instructions to download an app icon) :
Feedback Questions

Do you agree with the importance of emotional intelligence?
What did you like about the idea?
How could we further develop this idea?
What sectors of business would be most interested in this topic?
How should HR adapt to a self leading organisations?

What new currencies would you suggest businesses could measure?
How could we help education to teach EQ skills throughout school?
How could we change behaviours in society including families to understand the importance of EQ?


The originally wanted to run some more workshops, but logistically I started to realise it was going to be impossible given the timeframes and people's commitments. I thought the cards concept, although it had been used in similar ways by others, seemed encompass the idea really well and serve as a good vehicle to communicate every possible theory and exercise. Also if the idea was well received it could be a solid foundation to build on and scale.

I worked intensely for a couple of days to get the design finished and I was very pleased with how they came together. Simple but effective.
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